PowerPlan helps you save in two ways.

  1. In actual cost: we deliver all the functionality you need for less because we strictly control overhead.
  2. In “soft costs” associated with implementation thanks to our organized and streamlined process. The typical implementation can be completed in just a matter of weeks and requires minimal IT involvement. Organizations quickly start realizing value from the system.

Read the reflections of Pramod Deshpande, Principal of PowerPlan Corp and his experience with delighted customers.

When one of our customers was switching from a major ERP vendors’ budgeting module to the PowerPlan solution, the budget manager made a statement which truly validates the value proposition of PowerPlan. “For six months my key budget analyst was lost to me, as he was working with the ERP consultant in a different location to set up the system. Since the PowerPlan team did most of the laborious set-up work, we only needed one week of dedicated time from our team during the onsite sessions.”  

PowerPlan Corporation has developed an efficient implementation methodology whereby members of the PowerPlan implementation team perform the labor intensive work offsite during the initial set-up and data load period, thus allowing the focus during the onsite setup and system administration training with the customer to center on budget processes and the related system functionality. This approach helps the customer to maintain the system effectively on a go-forward basis and introduces them to additional available functionality and features so that they can enhance their future budgeting processes. PowerPlan onsite training is truly knowledge transfer sessions.

PowerPlan’s implementation approach is unique in the sense that it allows us to optimize the demands on our customers’ time.  We understand the heavy workload demands on the budget staff and respect their time commitments. Our goal is to always add value to our customers’ business processes.