Non-Profit Sector


“PowerPlan is easy to use and allows budgets (particularly for non-labor costs) to be built quickly.  In the financial reporting and analysis area, PowerPlan allows a great deal of flexibility both in retrieving information and in drilling down
to meaningful levels of detail.  PowerPlan has allowed us to automate most of our internal allocations resulting in a significant time savings in the closing process.  PowerPlan has improved the credibility of the budget by largely eliminating
the breaks that occur using spreadsheets.  I’m very happy we implemented PowerPlan and cannot envision going back to a spreadsheet based budget.”

—Patrick Sidley, Chief Financial Officer of Community Health Resources

San Diego Zoo“Our forecasting process was greatly improved using the PowerPlan software.
Previously we used an Excel based system where we sent templates out to all supervisors and required them to return the spreadsheets with their input.  Then we would load all the information into a database and roll the data up into a consolidated
number.  With PowerPlan we are able to have all supervisors enter their forecast information and we can immediately see the rolled up numbers without interim steps.” “The reporting system in PowerPlan turned out to be a major benefit for our organization.
We trained our supervisors to read their monthly financial data in PowerPlan rather than running hard copy reports.  We continue to develop new reports that are improving the way we manage our business.”

— Bill Whipple, Financial Analyst of San Diego Zoo

New Leaders“Things are going really well.  We have PowerPlan rolled
out to 30+ budget managers and are using it as the sole source of budget/actual reports.  We have gone to zero Excel for budgeting.  Everything is done and viewed in PowerPlan at all our offices.  We also built a separate set of reports for Fundraising
staff to view budgets with the allocations we run in PowerPlan.”

— Mike McCartan, Executive Director-Financial Operations of New Leaders for New Schools

Outward Bound“PowerPlan is working great! Compared to how we used to budget there are just
so many pluses. I’ve actually just completed writing a whole bunch of allocations which are extremely helpful in our business. Also the payroll calculations have made our lives easier. The thing I like the best is that the system is so user friendly
– even when I thought I couldn’t do something in the system after playing for a little while I can usually figure out how to do it on my own.”

— Kristin Evins, Controller of Outward Bound, Inc.

Indiana University Foundation“Our actual data is now updated weekly and the budget managers
now regularly review and take ownership of their budgets. Personnel reporting has been very well received. PowerPlan has made a large impact in the way we manage our organization. It not only provides historical data, but helps us manage our funds
prospectively and strategically.”

— Kate Melvin, Director of Accounting/Assistant Controller, Indiana University Foundation

The Catholic Charities

“Because of our size, budgets were done at the six programmatic service areas and then I had to manually aggregate them.  This was a very time consuming process.  Now, they are combined at the push of a button.  Top level assumptions for employee
budgeting ensure consistency across the service areas.  Agency wide assumptions can now be easily changed during the budget process as we determine what we can and can’t afford.  In the past, a change in the salary assumptions would cause
everyone to re-work their numbers and resubmit them to me for aggregation.  Allocating Agency costs, such as overhead and facility costs, is now significantly easier.  And, we love the drill down capability for analyzing budget variances and
fluctuations from prior year actual.”

— John Veldman – Director of Budget Planning and Analysis Finance, Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Chicago

Pace“I like how we’re able to setup and easily modify payroll expenses from
year to year. This allows us to quickly update the employer payroll related expenses such as Health and Dental Insurance, Payroll Taxes, Worker’s Comp, etc. I also like how you can easily schedule and process multiple raises simultaneously.”

— John Salley, Business Analyst for Pace Center for Girls, Jacksonville, FL

Heartland Alliance“The PowerPlan system was quickly accepted by our finance and
management personnel and helped us switch the budgeting process from an Excel®-based system to a structured environment, where we can quickly review the budgets and performance indicators at any level of the organization. This has been a tremendous
improvement over the previous Excel®-based approach.”

— Richard Grossi, Chief Financial Officer of Heartland Alliance

kitsap transit

“I would like to recognize PowerPlan for their exceptional customer service. Each and every time I call for assistance, they are professional, very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. I don’t think there has ever been a call that they have not been able to work with me or my staff to resolve our question or problem. On occasion, members of their support staff have stayed late to see that the issue is resolved. I have been very impressed with their customer service and think that it’s important that extraordinary customer service is recognized!”

— Paul Shinners, Finance Director, Kitsap Transit


Public Sector

Clark County

“As a large government agency (8,500+ positions), we have a very diverse and complex payroll structure as well as several unique requirements as dictated by our various fund types and functions.  The PowerPlan software has both the capability
and ease of flexibility to meet those complicated requirements.  Furthermore, their staff is second to none in customer service.  They consistently make themselves available to immediately address questions, concerns, or issues as well as
implement recommended improvements to their software.”

—Yolanda King, Director, Assistant County Manager, Clark County, Nevada

City of Hendeson“PowerPlan has taken our budget development process to a new level.
The accuracy of our projected salaries and benefits has significantly helped us to fine-tune our budget.  The software also helps us to plan well into the future using a five-year projection model.  With this model, we can change specific details,
such as pay raise rates or benefits, and see the projected effect of those changes over the next five years.”

—Joe Christopher, Financial Analyst I, City of Henderson, Nevada

Tacoma“The customer service of PowerPlan is excellent!  All of the personnel and consultants
we worked with were very accommodating to our district’s complex needs and specifications. They truly took the time to understand our organization’s methodology and processes to ensure they are applied accordingly so that we accomplish our budget
goals on time.”

—Rosalind Medina, CPA, Director of Budget, Tacoma School District #10

Chandler Arizona“One of the best features of PowerPlan has is the simplicity it offers to our
end users.  Many only utilize the system a few times a year at key times during our budget process. The simple, straightforward processes for submitting budget requests, reviewing and entering budget data and submitting reports makes working with
the system a breeze!  Providing quality service to our end users is something we pride ourselves on and PowerPlan helps us with that mission.”

—Gregory Westrum, Budget Manager, City of Chandler, Arizona

Williamson Connty“Users are ecstatic to have historical data, detailed notes, reports and graphs
at their fingertips. Our positive experience with PowerPlan has helped us tremendously and has allowed us to formalize many of our policies and procedures, all to which the Court has been quite receptive.”

— Ashlie Koenig, Budget Officer at Williamson County, Texas

County of Guilford

“Choosing PowerPlan was a great decision for us. Implementation was easy and service response is excellent. PowerPlan has helped us streamline our budget planning and monitoring processes, engage in more in-depth data analysis, and make better

— Michael Halford, Budget Director at Guilford County, North Carolina


Healthcare Sector


“RML Specialty Hospital is a long-term acute care hospital with locations in Chicago, Illinois and Hinsdale, Illinois.  RML installed the PowerPlan system in the winter of 2010-2011 for budget preparation, converting from an excel-based budget
model.  All of the goals established by RML for using the PowerPlan system for budget preparation were achieved on time, and the management team adapted quickly and easily to using PowerPlan.  RML began using PowerPlan for all financial reporting
the following year, completely eliminating all paper distribution of financial reports to management, and utilizing the system to report budget variance explanations.  The PowerPlan system has significantly streamlined our budgeting and financial
reporting processes not only for the finance team, but for departmental management and senior executives as well.  The support provided by the PowerPlan team is truly exceptional – rarely has a financial software vendor been so responsive
and listened so thoroughly to the needs of their clients.”

—Molly Condon, Controller, RML Specialty Hospital

Spartanburg Health

“As a longtime PowerPlan customer, we continue to reap benefits from the product.  PowerPlan staff members have worked closely with us over the years to provide the functionality and support that we need.  It is obvious that they have done the
same for other customers, since functionality has been added at a pace even faster than the changes in the healthcare industry.   Ease of use, access and availability, plus the ability to grant and control user functionality have been some
of the strengths that have kept us loyal customers over the years.”

—Sue Pearson, Director Budgeting and Decision Support, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System


For Profit Sector

“Edward Don & Company, the nation’s leading distributor of restaurant equipment and supplies, selected PowerPlan as the budgeting and financial reporting solution in early 2011. The flexibility and ease of use of the software enabled the budget
administrators to streamline the budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes while upgrading from a Microsoft  Access based system to a new SQL server based solution.

Once the basic system was in place and distributed to line managers, budget administrators explored and implemented various other features such as balance sheet and cash flow planning, key indicators and dashboard reporting. The ability to incorporate
key statistical data and build additional planning and reporting metrics added significant value to our budgeting and reporting processes.

Having all of our key data in one place combined with the software’s ability to easily drill down and analyze our numbers across the enterprise increased the efficiency of our planning and forecasting processes. PowerPlan is truly a one stop solution
and of course we appreciate the excellent support service from the PowerPlan team.”

—Jon Morris, Manager Corporate Budgets & Planning, Edward Don & Company

“Murdoch’s likes how PowerPlan enables our store managers to remotely access their financial data.  We are able to load our G/L details right into PowerPlan for their review.  This helps them stay accountable for their numbers.”

—Jennifer Cogley, Controller, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply