PowerPlan functions as a centralized reporting hub for financial and non-financial data, eliminating the manual effort to send out monthly reports to managers.

  • Online access to report formats allows users to dig deeper into the numbers, review supporting details, and perform analysis on actual to budget variances
  • More timely access to updated information assists members of the organization in managing programs and making informed decisions
  • Creating new reports in PowerPlan is a streamlined process and assigning user access to reports is tightly integrated into PowerPlan’s user security


Work with Your Data Dynamically and Interactively

In most systems, a report represents a static format of rows and columns where navigating to a different view requires a separate report. PowerPlan reporting provides access to data in an online format with flexible navigation options for deeper review. PowerPlan’s reporting process is simple and efficient. Reports are assigned to user’s access through security settings. Starting from any report, a user can:

  • Chose to pivot the data
  • Select from a list of columnar formats
  • Drill up or drill down to employee or transaction details
  • Any data viewed can be exported in multiple formats for further review, printed, or sent as an email.

Data Value Beyond Financial Results – Visibility

PowerPlan goes beyond basic financial reporting by incorporating statistical, non-financial, and calculated analysis automatically.

  • Include calculated ratio analysis throughout reports
  • View actual to budget variances and historical trends by non-financial elements such as number of clients served
  • Review results then drill down to supporting budget details, notes, and personnel details, to better understand the numbers

Flexible Grant and Project Reporting

PowerPlan provides flexibility to cover reporting ranges outside of the fiscal year.

  • Setup formats to cover grant period ranges from any starting and ending point, crossing multiple years
  • Report on year-to-date or life-to-date basis for grants and projects
  • Utilize employee level variance reporting to monitor how individual employees are charged against grants and contracts versus the established budget

Dashboard Reporting

Create high level, graphical based reports for tracking key parameters and metrics. Dashboard reporting facilitates quick review of important areas of the organization. From each dashboard, drill-down into the PowerPlan data view to gain a better understanding of the details behind the report.

Report in Multiple Currencies

For organizations with staff located in multiple countries, PowerPlan supports budgeting and reporting in multiple currencies. Enter the budget and view reports in the local currency. Organization-wide, view data rollups in the master currency.

Centralized Reporting

PowerPlan adds efficiency to the reporting process by eliminating the need to send out reports. Actuals are integrated throughout the system, so as data is updated, all users are accessing current data with information key to managing their departments or programs. Report setup and management is streamlined as common reports don’t have to be duplicated for multiple user access and changes to the report format are centrally managed.

Report Books

PowerPlan contains a Report Book builder (set of tools) to facilitate and streamline the creation of the “Budget Books”. The builder eliminates the time consuming task of cutting and pasting budget numbers into external documents. Instead, authorized users can automate and manage the inclusion of any PowerPlan data views including Operating Budget reports, Payroll reports, CIP or other Decision Package reports, as well as other externally created documents, pictures, graphs, etc., into a Microsoft Word environment. PowerPlan provides:

  • Comprehensive solution for combining reports, graphs, and other data from PowerPlan
  • Updated narrative documents to produce your budget books
  • Structured framework with table driven references to documents external to PowerPlan


Central to an efficient and accurate budget process is maintaining a structured environment and effectively tracking status as budgets are completed. PowerPlan provides structure and controls in the following ways:

  • Role-based security provides an intuitive framework for defining user access to data throughout the system
  • Security ensures that data is controlled, from the input templates, to personnel and capital budgets, all the way through to reports and analysis
  • Workflow stages provide a central point from which to track budget submissions and status across the organization
  • At a glance, determine budgets that have been submitted and approved, budgets that remain outstanding, and distribute correspondence to budget managers with key information and timelines
  • Drill down further to approval history and notes tied to each budget


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