Personnel costs are the most critical element in building an accurate projection of expenses within any service-based organization. PowerPlan offers everything you need for personnel budgeting within our payroll management software:

  • Added efficiency and control to the process of personnel budgeting. Load current staff and authorized vacant positions, add records for new hires, and control rates globally.
  • Greater support for personnel budgeting by employee, position, or user defined groups such as bargaining units.  Perform scenario-based comparisons quickly and easily by adjusting assumptions from a central point.


Payroll Calculations

Utilize PowerPlan’s predefined payroll calculations or add additional calculations modeled to your organization’s unique requirements. An unlimited number of user-defined calculations can be added to the system covering all of your compensation, tax, and benefit planning needs. Unlike spreadsheet budgeting, calculations are centrally managed ensuring accuracy and eliminating errors. Rates for each calculation can be applied per employee or globally based on user defined groups:

  • Calculate all compensation – taxes and benefits
  • Plan for Salary Adjustments (Merit/Step increases) by period or anniversary date
  • Budget Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)
  • Apply rates and/or limits per bargaining unit or other classification


Split employee costs across funds, departments, grants, or funding sources based on percentage allocations or hours. Unlike other systems, PowerPlan’s built-in logic ensures that records are 100% allocated. Grant budgeting provides an option to allocate over 100% at the proposal stage, then to true up the records before finalizing the budget. Employee level reports offer an easy review of employee allocations.

Personnel Security

As personnel data can be highly sensitive, multiple levels of security are available to limit access to the personnel details by user role. Users may for instance be granted the ability to allocate their resources, manage certain employee benefits, or simply have access to view the employees they manage, providing insight to the details driving the personnel budgets.

Scenario Based Planning

PowerPlan provides flexibility to apply personnel planning across unlimited budget or forecast scenarios. Build the personnel budget in a defined scenario, copy all contents to a second scenario, and apply rate and staffing changes for a side by side comparison. Adjust rates from a central table for a simple and efficient means of establishing detailed and accurate payroll projections.

Data Integration

Integrate data from your Payroll or HR systems into PowerPlan to establish new records or update existing records at any time. Save user-defined templates to match your data import files allowing an efficient means of updating records with the most current information. Any rate or allocation can be updated in PowerPlan using an external data source.

Personnel Reporting

View details supporting personnel budgets with PowerPlan’s personnel level reporting. Utilize multiple views to validate employee details. Variance reporting at the employee level provides a valuable tool for reviewing employee level variances prior to submitting reports to funding sources.


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