PowerPlan’s Capital Planning component is one of the most powerful elements of our capital budgeting software. The Capital Planning component offers tools for the capital expenditure request and approval process, as well as full supporting details for CIP and other types of Decision Packages.  Enable the components that fit your organization’s requirements utilizing PowerPlan’s flexible configuration options.


Capital Expenditures

PowerPlan’s Capital Expenditures component allows budget managers to submit requests in the budgeting process for all their capital needs.  The capital expenditure request functionality provides an easy-to-use interface identifying all supporting details for each capital item.  Approved requests are finalized into the approved budget and depreciation schedules flow through to the income statement and cash flow reports.

Decision Packages/CIP Budgeting

The Decision Package component is a comprehensive tool used to plan for Capital Improvement Projects and other specific budget packages such as Grants, Personnel Additions/Reductions, and Operational Expenses requiring management approvals.

A Decision Package is defined as a budget request for a project, which may cover a single fiscal year or multiple fiscal years and generally includes capital, personnel, operations and maintenance expenditure components (ongoing vs. one-time), as well as the financing aspects of the project.  Search Groups can be used to categorize requests on the basis of user-defined criteria and to facilitate a quick search for requests on these bases.

Create CIP reports in detail or summary to provide key information for review and approval.


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