PowerPlan’s Business Performance Management (BPM) system is a comprehensive solution for:


✔  Budgeting          ✔  Forecasting          ✔  Long Range Planning          ✔  In-Depth Analysis          ✔  Reporting


The Business Performance Management System is an alternative to spreadsheet budgeting and provides your budget managers with an easy-to-use interface for entering data and analyzing results. PowerPlan’s secure, centrally managed budgeting tools for financial management enables organizations to operate more efficiently and make better business decisions.





PowerPlan replaces spreadsheet budgeting and brings efficiency to the budgeting and reporting process.

  • Provides a single, secure, integrated system
  • Offers drag and drop functionality
  • Easy-to-use online access to input budget assumptions, support the budgets with notes, review financial statements, and perform data analysis
  • Aggregate data automatically, based on predefined rollup structures, eliminating manual spreadsheet based processes
  • Integrate actual data throughout the system, down to the transaction level, providing users direct access to essential information
  • Flexible options for updating global parameters and performing What-if scenario comparisons and analysis in a fraction of the time versus spreadsheets
  • Our Business Performance Management system accommodates unlimited budget scenarios




Formula errors and broken links wreak havoc on reports accuracy and by extension, analysis. PowerPlan’s multi-dimensional technology enables:

  • Centrally-Managed formulas
  • Accurate and consistent calculations when changes or additions flow across the organizational structure
  • Up-to-date results as the basis for budget projections by utilizing historical trends
  • Project cash flows and seasonality while eliminating variances to actual caused by timing differences thanks to budget tools
  • Audit trail functionality which records changes, providing traceability for all changes in the system.
  • Accommodates Annual or Rolling Forecasts
  • Offers Driver-Based Budgeting to capture non-financial drivers




To be most effective, the budgeting process should include inputs from different areas of the organization.  Program or department managers are often the best resources for a realistic account of what it will take to effectively meet the organization’s mission. PowerPlan provides a platform to bring control to the multi-user budgeting and reporting environment.
  • A centrally managed single source for budgeting and reporting
  • Each user can add narrative and itemized lists to support the budget values
  • Budget reviewers can update budget approval status along with their own notes
  • All data can be viewed across the rollup levels of the organization based on each user’s assigned level of security thanks to drill down to Notes, Dimensions or Transactions
  • Workflow of Line Item, Decision Package, CIP budget Submission and Approval
  • Scalable in that it can be implemented across organizations varying greatly in size




PowerPlan is the best budgeting software on the market due to its built-in functionality and features that deliver substantial return on investment for mid to large sized organizations, yet the configuration is simple enough for small organizations to quickly roll out the system. 
  • The entire implementation, training, and deployment process is often completed within a few weeks
  • The much larger projects can typically be managed within 6 – 8 weeks
  • PowerPlan’s pricing structure makes the system extremely affordable and puts top-tier functionality within reach of small organizations and non-profits


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