5 Ways Budgeting and Forecasting Software Makes Your Process Better

At some point in your life, you probably heard the phrase “Good is Good, but Better is Better.” We all like “better” right? Two scoops of ice cream instead of one. Or that smartphone model with a bigger screen than the one you have now. It’s important to remember to be grateful for the things you already have. But at the same time we can’t deny that better is . . . better! So why should you settle for a financial process that’s merely “good” or “just okay” or even . . . “bad?” It doesn’t seem to fit with how we feel about everything else. There’s a lot of frustrations about financial planning. From deadlines, to tedium, to struggling with Excel. Fortunately, dedicated budgeting and forecasting software makes this process a breeze! Here’s 5 ways how.

PowerPlan is a company committed to the idea of better. For us, better means not settling for anything less than efficient and easy. We offer a wide array of budgeting and forecasting software that we know you’ll find to be better than the competition. If you want to learn more about PowerPlan and how we can help you, download a free copy of our whitepaper. 

1) No More Second Guessing

Budgeting and forecasting is a guessing game that nobody wants to lose. So rather than put all the eggs in one basket, everyone makes multiple projections instead! Without dedicated budgeting and forecasting software, this process eats up a lot of your time. You create multiple sheets and pages for every possible scenario, and you don’t have a way to compile them all together. No thanks!

2) Reach for the Sky

Or more specifically, The Cloud. Yes, in the 21st century budgeting and forecasting software takes advantage of cloud-based features. Not needing to rely on a server onsite that could leave you vulnerable? We think that’s a big improvement.

3) No More Tracking Down

Another benefit of that Cloud function? Anyone on your team can access the documents from wherever they are, on whatever device they have. No more time wasted flagging down key personnel or badgering staff about submitting their updates.

4) Say Goodbye to Excel

Excel is great for a lot of tasks, but there are better options for financial planning. It simply doesn’t offer the same array of features that you need, and its far more frustrating than any minimal funds you save.

5) Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Easy to Train

Finally, dedicated budgeting and forecasting software also comes with a guarantee of training. Most companies will offer to train your staff about how to use the software. Then the staff can turn around and train others. Unlike Excel, most financial software is intuitive and easy to use. So spend way less time training and more time getting it done.

If you want to try out PowerPlan software for yourself, then watch a demonstration. After you finish, request a demonstration for yourself and see what makes PowerPlan different. Your process can be easy and stress free. Trust PowerPlan to have what you need, when you need it.